Why remote Squads?

An agile squad is a small multidisciplinary team that is largely self-managed and are excellent at cross-collaboration and teamwork. As the name implies, they are derived from agile methodology, which puts an organizational premium and focus on individuals and actions, commitment to finishing tasks, customer collaboration, and a fluid and dynamic process (also called a “sprint”) of finishing tasks and projects.

Our Advantages

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    Agile Coach

    Every Developer Squad requires an expert to assure the right application of the methodology, mentoring each developer, ensuring that they assimilate the Agile principles, maintaining the development commitments, and settling conflicts that always happen in the day-to-day running the project. Therefore we do not improvise with this profile. It is core profile for us, key for the team to be more committed and with less risk of flight.

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    QA Analyst

    Agile means commitment to technical excellence, and this is not possible without a process that safeguards it. That's is the mission of QA: to define the testing methodology, supervise it, ensuring compliance with it, and training the team so that they know how to do it. Guiding Front and Back developers, also managing the CI / CD process that ensures the quality of the deliverables. That is why this profile is core in our teams.

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    Product Owner

    Every product requires a person in charge who analyzes the client's requirements and structures them so that the Developer Squad has a clear roadmap to work on. This 'multi-disciplinary' profile is essential to advise the client on the design of a product based on short releases, increasing the business analysis of the features to be developed with a strategy based on 'Lean Startup' and 'Agile' to achieve the success desired by all, ensuring an optimal relationship. between costs and ROI.

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    Each Development Squad are usually between 3 to 5 developers. They can be Front or Back profiles or mixed in some products. In the other hand, in complex projects, the development squads can be configured in several ones, each one in charge of different modules of the product to be developed, organizing them in a new organization called 'Tribe', which is led by one of the Agile Coaches who adds that Tribe coordinating role to their functions.

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    Squad Locations

    By default all our Developer Squads are remote, recruited mainly in Spain and Latin America. We also have facilities to locate Squads that require a protected and isolated environment in our Madrid facilities, with access to all the resources necessary to work.

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    We follow the 'AGILE' methodology generating the project monitoring information through JIRA, with client's daily reports, as well as a schedule of periodic online meetings to validate the committed releases. We make dockerized deliverables for each release, an clients can get the source code in the project's repository.

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    Our Developer Squads are configured according to the technical customer requirements. Typically, in Front profiles (Vue.js, react.js, svelte, flutter, javascript, designers, UX/UI) or Back (python, Ruby, Clojure, Scala, Erlang) as an example of the main environments in which we work. All our technicians are periodically examined to assess their expertise, and everyone have a permanent training plan.

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    We have created an international community of developers that allows us to make developer squads, with great agility, in record time, always certifying the expertise of each squad member through technical tests and training, prior to joining the project, both in Agile and in the technological environment or business issues of the product to develop.

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    DevOps y Lead Developers

    In every project we offer the DevOps service to organize technical sessions, designing together Cloud architectures or guiding deployment into production stage. We often have architecture sessions with Lead Developers to plan the most appropriate technological environment for our client's product.

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    Our Developer Squads had been creating products for 'startups' (some well-known ones) and large Media and Technology companies too, for more than 20 years. We were pioneers in Agile, in social listening projects, Big Data, Community platforms, Artificial Intelligence and IoT. Always in continuous training, actually part of our team are professors and lecturers in Technology' Masters (Blockchain, BigData, Artificial Intelligence, IoT .. web, mobile, Devops ...)

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    Risk-free contract

    Our business model is simple: we only charge a monthly fee according to the number of Developer squads hired. No fixed term. We want to be your technology companion, in the long term: try us.

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