We manage teams for the development of digital products

We put Squads at your disposal, teams made up of experts in artificial intelligence, design and development that will carry out your projects from start to finish.

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Purifying wastewater with Deep Learning

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Why Squadmakers?

The best advice for your project

We develop a matching tool to form Squads based on your technical requirements and expectations.

We adapt to your technology

If you already have a project underway, we will provide you with specialized profiles to complete the development of your product.

You save time and costs

The squad will be ready to collaborate with you, when you want to start the project. Do not consider operating costs, we use remote teams located in Spain and LATAM.

You minimize the risks

Avoid surprises in progress, delivery times and costs. Continuous reviews allow adaptation to change in a more efficient and controlled way.

We optimize processes with artificial intelligence

We develop scalable, flexible and sustainable solutions. So you can free your staff from cyclical tasks and reduce operating costs.

You pay without problems

Our business model is simple, we charge a monthly fee according to the number of contracted squads. No fixed term.

The Squad method

Tell us about

Your project

Tell us what it is about and the scope you want to achieve. The more details the better, so we will define what you need

We assign you

The perfect squad

A multidisciplinary team of well-managed technological talent that will carry out your project.

We propose flows of

Dynamic review

Periods of between one and four weeks, in which we will deliver preliminary versions of the final product.

We develop a

Final product

We improve your product until it is perfect, or even better. We offer you support and continuous updating.

Maximize your chances of success

I want to start my project

Maximize your chances of success

I want to start my project

We manage teams for the development of digital products

We assure you quality and exceptional work. Our professionals are previously selected and validated , and we also keep them in continuous training , so that they are always at the forefront of the latest technologies

This is how a basic Squad is formed

Product owner

Represents you and manages your requirements within the team. It works as a translator and facilitates communication between the different roles, so that the client and the squad are on the same page.

Agile coach

Ensures that an agile methodology is followed within the team. Ensures motivation, improves performance and focuses on excellence

Product Design UI/ UX

Create the best version of the product and establish a strong bond between the company, the consumer and your potential customers, so that it is useful, profitable and identifies with the brand and values of the business.

Customer success

Establishes, monitors and adjusts strategies that guide the client from the sale to the support. Ensures that customers stay in love with your brand and you achieve higher conversion


Front-end Professionals adapt the UX/UI design, everything that has to do with the experience and interaction.Back-end take care of microservices, integrations and data

QA Analyst

He is responsible for quality. Tests, analyzes and streamline product development so that it is effective, meets standards and works properly

Artificial Intelligence + Big Data

Design and develop algorithms that work and improve autonomously. In addition to reducing costs and risks, it will allow you to discover new trends and business opportunities.

DevOps CI/CD

Supervises the launches of the developed product, in order to speed up the time to market.Provides continuous high-quality delivery and prevents failures

We have the best ICT talent

All our Squads work remotely and are recruited mainly in Spain and Latin America. We promote autonomy, talent development and the equal opportunities for all.


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