About us

Squadmakers is a platform and methodology designed to facilitate the creation of software development teams by connecting companies with certified and mentored freelance developers from a community of over 5000 members. The platform provides collaboration tools, project management features, and a streamlined process for building tailored squads to accelerate software development projects.

Our Values



We facilitate the creation of high performance software development teams through our Squads platform and methodology, using certified and mentored freelance developers from our community of +5000 members.


Facilitate and multiply the value of organizations by adapting Artificial Intelligence

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We form multidisciplinary teams in Spain and Latin America

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We use agile methodologies

We deliver product versions and previews progressively

We offer greater access to specialized talent

Greater execution capacity

Confidential projects

Confidential projects

24h continuous work

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We work remotely. Manage your time autonomously and flexibly

We develop innovative projects

We use the latest technologies

We promote the culture of teamwork, you will learn from your peers in other disciplines

We are committed, you will have your payment on the agreed date and in the middle of your preference

We bet on continuous training with personalized plans

This is how our Squads work

We manage multiple remote teams efficiently and rely on elite professionals with specialized and verified knowledge through technical testing. We also apply continuous training in our Tribes and Squads, and constant evaluationof new emerging talent.

We are experts in artificial intelligence

Squads are small, flexible teams responsible for the delivery of each product. Each squad has a maximum of 8 members, is multifunctional and works remotely.


Robotic Process Automation o su evolución, Intelligence Process Automation. Es la mejor forma para que las empresas simplifiquen y resuelvan los problemas que genera su estrategia de transformación digital.

Virtual agents

We create solutions for a wide variety of applications, using Contextual Agents, Enhanced NPLs or Chatbots to simplify processes and generate more human experiences, breaking down communication barriers.

Machine Learning / Deep learning

Every project or product we work on integrates AI to improve customer business goals.

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