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At SquadMakers, trust in our team and partners is the pillar on which we build excellence in development, which is why we delegate the management of our most precious treasure, our customers, to very select partners.

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Our technology, expertise in artificial intelligence, IoT, NLP and agile development frameworks, positions us as the most appropriate choice in any project

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Offer your customers the opportunity to develop products and solutions that will make them grow and be more agile, multiplying business opportunities

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We rely on one of the most proven and internationally successful methodologies: the agile methodology. Where active collaboration with the client prevails

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Talk about us in the content you generate.

10% commission for each lead generated (business opportunity).

20% commission for each client arranged.

Period of stay from 6 months to 2 years.

Use your affiliate links to promote us through digital content.

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Capture potential clients and send us their reference, we take care of the commercial management.

Period of stay from 6 months to 2 years.

Participate in the proposal.

Participation as Account Manager in the project (plus income).

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Keep your clients and bring us their projects to develop them under your brand.

15% commission for each lead generated (business opportunity).

30% commission for each client arranged.

30% commission for each client arranged.

Access to commercial materials and reference on the SquadMakers website.

Certified as SquadMaker companion.

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The keys to our success with AI

Collaboration between people and machines

Businesses achieve better results when creativity and human insight are combined with the speed and scale of AI.

Cultural change management

Uses training, tools, and processes to drive adoption and change across roles and at all levels.

Responsible IA

AI has to benefit users, communities and society, guided by basic principles that help achieve the desired results.

End-to-end integration

Instead of focusing on a single algorithm or tool, think about the entire business, process, or function.

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