Are you an expert in AI, development or UI/UX design?

We are looking for professionals who want to enhance their profile in a sector with great projection: AI, IoT and software development. We value teamwork, commitment and continuous improvement. As well as the proactive, flexible and enthusiastic attitude.

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Are you an expert in AI, development or UI/UX design?

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Why work at Squadmakers?

Cutting edge technology

We work with the latest technologies: artificial vision, IoT, BlockChain, Artificial Intelligence...

Professional projection

You will be able to evolve and change roles according to your skills and permanence in the team, with an associated formative progress.

Innovative environment

We project ourselves into the future, we are capable of evolving and adapting to the environment, since we work remotely from different parts of the world.

Remote work

Specialized training plan

Flexible schedule

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We value your ideas and your talent

We are looking for specialized profiles

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Professional growth, goal-based incentives

We use Agile methodology (Scrum)

Qualified and evaluated multidisciplinary team

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Our professionals give their opinion

"With Squadmakers I have managed to focus my career on what I like, developing solutions, using the most advanced technological stack, offering continuous training and a pipeline of projects that allows me to focus on what I am good at, and at the same time be able to reconcile my life. staff thanks to the agile remote management mode."

Isidro Perez Guzman

Backend Developer - Python

"At Squadmakers they care about the balance between work and personal life. He promotes a healthy mindset and supports initiatives like flexible hours and remote work options, which has allowed me to maintain a balance between my career and personal life."

Carolina Herrera Gonzalez

FrontEnd Developer - Vue.js

"At Squadmakers, I have had the opportunity to work on challenging and meaningful projects. The company values ​​and encourages creativity, which has allowed me to propose unique and efficient solutions to the technical problems we face. Also, the constant adoption of new technologies and investment in training have kept me updated and motivated in my career."

Ramón Sanchez


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